Licorice, beauty industry’s best kept secret


Licorice, Mulethi or Yashtimadhu a regular herb in Indian Kitchen, a go-to herb for bad throat. But do you know Glycyrrhiza glabra contains  various cosmeceutical compounds, which makes it a great skin care ingredient. Yes when we say "Licorice is beauty industry's best kept secret", we really meant it. It has multiple compounds which makes it a wonder herb for skin lightening, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory

  • Glycyrrhizin (also known as glycyrrhizic acid) : When applied topically, i.e on the skin, it mimics cortisol simple language it has anti-inflammatory effect, hence it has soothing effect on acne-prone and distressed skin and reduces redness and swelling. This also makes it helpful for eczema treatment. 
  • Glabridin : The wonder compound because of which Licorice is indispensable for  skin lightening and skin tightening .Glabridin is phytoestrogen and estrogen plays important role in making of collagen & hyaluronic acid. And as we understand collagen and hyaluronic acid are responsible and much required for maintain skin elasticity by strengthening connective tissues.

Hence application of Glabridin rich product will helps in reducing fine lines, improving skin texture and hydration for matured skin. In short good for anti-ageing benefit.

Phytoestrogens are plant derived compounds with biological activities comparable to the human hormone oestrogen.  (Phyto means Plant in Greek & estrogen is female hormone that regulates functions in both women and men )

But wait isn’t Glabridin the reason for Licorice anti-pigmentation properties ?

Yes, Glabridin is tyrosinase inhibitor. i.e controls /halts the melanin synthesis. We all know role of melanin in determining color of our skin . Because of this Glabridin has reputation of skin whitening agent. It also works on UV-B (Sun) inducted pigmentation and it also has anti-inflammatory effect on skin. It basically brightens damaged skin. It combats hyper-pigmentation, age spots & dark sun spots. It also lightens acne-scars  

Tyrosinase is a copper-containing enzyme present in plant and animal tissues that catalyzes the production of melanin and other pigments from tyrosine..  

  • Liquiritin : Another compound which licorice has Liquiritin, which is especially helpful in treating melasma. It considered to safer and more effective alternative than hydroquinone.

Melasma is a common pigmentation problem in pregnant women. Its called “Jhaiya” in hindi

  • Licochalcone : another natural compound found in Licochalcone , which helps in regulating sebum production, hence makes Licorice suitable for combi-oily skin also. It also anti-bacterial in nature and also defends skin against free radical movements Licorice also works beautifully with other anti-inflammatory herbs like aloe vera , and is highly effective in treating sun burns

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