Holistic Tatv Soothing Aloe vera Water for oily skin revival

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Holistic Tatv Soothing Aloe vera Water


Aloe Vera is well known since thousands of years for its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has skin healing, hydrating and softening properties. 

Aloe Vera is considered good for soothing rashes, sunburns and acne blemish control.

This thoughtfully designed Soothing Aloe vera Water has all the goodness of aloe vera gel with convenience of spray mist.

Now you can have the benefits of aloe vera anytime and anywhere.

It is especially suitable for oily acne-blemish prone skin, for its instant cool, fresh and skin reviving effect.

For clear and toned skin, make it part of your daily beauty regime

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Designed for skin cooling, instant freshening and reviving dull or sticky skin 

Suitable for all skin types, especially beneficial for combination and oily skin.

This is a multi-task daily use skin care product



  • Spray this instant absorbing mist directly on your clean face for instant hydration and cool-fresh feel. Its thinner consistency absorbs in skin quickly.
  • For anytime anywhere instant cleansing, spray it on your face and wipe it off with moist cloth or cotton pad.


  • Add it to your favorite face pack for healing more targeted skin concern; like acne-blemish spots, pore tightening and excessive-oil control.

Use it at least once a day for a fresh, soft and clear skin.

Keep your eyes closed while applying mist


This is a multi-task daily use skin care product. Can be used twice in a day for fresh and clear looking skin.

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