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  1. I have dull skin, I was fair earlier but now I have turned dark. What will help me ?

Answer. Thank you for contacting Holistic Tatv. Sun induced tanning is one ofthe major reason of kin tanning, other being hormonal changes , side -effect of certain medicines. Also when skin is not properly cleansed, exfoliated it gives skin a unclean-dull appearance. Another reason for skin dullness is lack of moisture.  We recommend

 bi-weekly mask

  • Wash your face with mild face wash or cleanser, pat it dry
  • Pull your hairs back. You can use facial band provided in the box
  • Slightly moist your face by spraying Rose water. Squeeze Multani Mitti mask in a bowl.
  • Add ¼ scoop of Licorice powder for removing pigmentation, de-tanning and clearing acne-blemish marks
  • Add ¼ scoop of Orange-Lime peel powder for anti-ageing, pore minimizing and extra glow.
  • Mix well, add little Rose water to get the right consistency.
  • For acne-pimple control and skin purification Neem and Tulsi powder can be added.
  • Mix well, and apply it all over your face with help of mask brush.
  • Avoid area around your lips and eyes.
  • Keep it on face for 10 minutes. Avoid talking and laughing.
  • Spray your face with Rose water, and gently massage your face with finger tips. Keep the mask on for another 5-7 minutes. Than wash it off completely with water and pat it dry.
  • Please apply sunscreen if you are stepping out in Sun. Or you can also apply a hydrating gel or moisturizer after this if you are not stepping out in Sun.
  • It can be used 2-3 times a week for clearer, refreshed, radiant complexion.
  • It’s an exfoliating deep purifying and cleansing mask, it should not be used daily.

If any need arise it can be used daily as scrub. Apply the mask as specified above. Reduce the quantity of powders. Keep it on face for just 5-7 minutes, spray Aloe vera water, scrub it a bit and wash it off with water.



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Queries Related to Acne, Oily Skin, Open Pores, post-acne marks

  • Hi ! I have pimple, dark marks and some pigmentation also. What will you suggest me.
Answer. For acne prone skin, we recommend Neem & Tulsi powder along with Multani Mitti. Neem not just works on acne and enlarged open pores but also on superficial pigmentation or sun induced pigmentation. For lightening of skin color we recommend Vitamin C enriched orange and lime powder and licorice powder. But please Do Not apply it on active acne / pimple. It can be used on rest of face. On active acne pimple we recommend on neem tulsi multani mitti and aloe Vera. Once acne are subdued than one can apply licorice and orange-lime peel powder for skin lightening.
  • How to take care of oily-acne prone skin.